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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Redesigning and Building the Website

It all looks so easy. And it is getting easier. And harder. There is always something more to add. Right now, I am admitting to myself that there is a tremendous amount of material to present. I am adding pages to every instrument and early childhood song and theme category. I am starting to write the newsletter for each product release. I am finishing up the book forms for every new release. Where I haven’t finished writing the song, chant or fingerplay, I am finishing. Kind of like building the frame for the house, getting the walls up and then finishing the interior before you move in. That’s what it feels like. And it will be a strong structure when it is complete and can continue evolving with ever- appearing new songs, music writing books, and new layered ”lasagne” arrangements, musical parenting letters and all the other things that make publications so much fun to share. © 2013 Kathryn Hardage