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Monday, October 15, 2012

Shake, Shake, Shake

Here is a fun chant to do with your baby. You may make homemade shakers out of any container with rice, popcorn, beans, or, my favorite sound, pistachio nut shells! Using a variety of sounds will help develop your baby's auditory discrimination. This will add your baby's pronunciation and ability to lean another language. It is also fun to see which sounds cause different reactions from your baby. Over time, as you expand your collection of shakers, you will see your baby choose certain ones. You may download it an an e-book here.

"My Baby"

This book presents a Theme, consisting of a Chant, a Movement Activity and a Song. “My Baby” gives the parents words to describe the wonder and beauty and intimacy of their new baby. It is fun to play with your baby. The words we share help the baby learn about his/her life. Describing our actions helps develop vocabulary. As you share this Theme, you will see how your baby responds and you will be able to add your own nonsense words and movements. As your baby grows, you will see anticipation in her eyes and hear words begin to form in the sounds he imitates with you. Kathryn Hardage