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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Music Stories to Play

I have been looking for a bridge between playing the Music Reading Readiness notation in Musical Pattern Books and sharing a story.

To do that, I have just written my first Music Story. It is called "Many Birds, One Bird." To play it, a parent reads the story and the young child follows the notation that is written on the each page of the story.

There is a version for piano, violin, guitar, and percussion.

It is so much fun to read stories together. This will provide an easy bridge for practicing every time the parent and child read and play the story.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Ezine

I am working on an ezine template to sell my publications. So far, there is an ezine for parents and teachers of pre-schoolers with a Theme. Each theme consists of a chant, a finger-play, and a song. The themes are about Self-Awareness and Family, Care for the Earth, and Celebrations.

There is also an ezine for Music Reading Readiness Kits. Instruments featured are Percussion, Violin, Guitar, Piano.

These are appropriate for people who want to introduce the idea of music reading to very young children in a way that is consistent with their curiosity and desire for exploration, rather than routine.